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Please feel free to get in touch regarding PR enquiries or collabs with  The Curl Prince, I’m happy to discuss opportunities to work together!

You can shoot me an email via I usually try to get back to you within 24 hours. Or if you wish you can catch me on twitter @TheCurlPrince
All opinions are 100% honest and my own, and all products reviewed are bought with my own money, unless clearly marked, usually at the end of the given post. I’ll also be stating, in the same way, if the post is sponsored.
I am happy to accept and review relevant PR samples that I’m genuinely interested in, but regardless, if I absolutely love a product I’m gonna wanna share it! Please allow sufficient time for thorough testing (especially  if it revolves around haircare). Usually around 2-3 weeks before the post will be up 
All photos are my own, unless otherwise stated, and please ask for written permission before using them. If you’re a fellow blogger then please just throw in a link to my blog 🙂

If there’s anything else you wish to discuss just give me a ring!