About Me


Yoooooooo. Hey cool you stumbled across my page and even took a look at my about me page! That’s super dope. Thanks! So who is this really weird kid with the hella fly blue nail polish on his nails that you see in that picture up there??? Well my new friend that happens to be me. Names Theodore, but nobody really calls me that. Just call me Theo kay? So so so what shall I tell you about me? What’s like important that you should know? Hell I have no idea. So let me just spout off some really random things about me.

SO as I’ve said, the names Theodore. I’m going to be 20 in like 14 days. (Woah. That’s wild. I really hadn’t even realized how close my birthday was till now tbh…) I’ve been writing since I was little. I actually have a couple poems hidden somewhere. I might post em here sometime in the future. But we’ll see. Opposite of the fact that I’m a blogger and with all this writing that you see I’m really super introverted and shy. Like only certain people can get me to actually enjoy conversation. Unless we’re having a super deep conversation or one that’s just about interesting topics y’know?  Erhmm. Oh! I’m a lover of music, like all types, or it might be more like a habit I need to calm down on. Like it’s no joke when I say that I have music playing literally 24/7. I Just ask my girlfriend. Speaking of that cute adorable person who happens to hold my heart. Here’s a little picture of her that she’ll probably try to kill me for putting up. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.




As you can see, she’s totally adorable. Glasses and all.

That’s really all that I can think of to put up for now. SO yeah! That’s me. Thanks for checking out my blog. Stick around and take a look at some posts, maybe leave some comments? I promise I always try to reply within like 24 hours.

Thanks! ❤  ❤ ❤