Life Update 01

Life Update 01

Sooooo it is currently midnight here in my part of the US. Some would probably consider that a pretty late time to get home and get creative. But for me? It’s the best time to do just that. Everything is quite and easy and i can focus on me and my life and what I want to write. Especially since I don’t do it enough. So here goes…. I’m super relaxed just left a little get together with my family I’ve made of myself, my older sister and all of her friends who have basically helped her raise me in some way over the years lol.   The most iconic of who (or at least whom I could get something sorta cool photography wise going is my sister and her best friend Jasmine.


Lioness/s Life


And it’s kinda odd. SO for me pieces of their lives resemble the kinda life I want. Try to stay with me cause I may be losing my mind. Ohkaye so with my sister(tall  lioness on the right) I want the type of home life she has right. So All of her friends are down to just chill in the house and play video games and card games and enjoy life. But at the same time they’re also ALWAYS down for the nights we all wanna go get lit and go to the club. But mostly it’s just always a good time.

Then there is Jasmin.(Shorter Equally Dangerous Lioness on the left.) And I want the type of i don’t know like outward love life I guess? So like they’re the couple who plays against each other and aren’t always super cute, but they can be, but then can be totally petty and silly against the other and the same time. And can take long car cruises with relaxing music and just kinda enjoy it.
Or at least that’s how I see them. My sister, Jasmine and her partner may all think I’m wrong and see things completely different from me, it’s just the way I see them  guess.

Fam Suns

Mi Familia


It may not look like much but this house has done a lot of good for me in the 2 years I’ve sort of lived in it. SO much of my personality revealing was and is being done here and I can’t imagine a day I won’t love it. Except in the future when we all can afford to have the super nice house and cars that we all want. Just me I want both a BMW ii3 and a Nissan GT-R, and my love wants a Mercedes and a few other nice cars. My sister wants the Batmobile in all of its gloriousness. But we’re working our way there and until we get it. This is perfect.


  • Jonia McGill

    I’m always working on stuff late at night. I feel like thats when I more focus and awake lol. Your sisters sounds great. I hope for a home life of my own to invite friends over to chill and play video and card games, too.

  • Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed reading this. I also find working at night so much easier! I always feel so much more productive and motivated x

    Tiffany x

  • Leah Simmons

    I think we’re universally programmed to have life reflections late at night, especially right before we go to bed which would probably explain why no one is ever able to get enough sleep lol. Your sister and her friend sound like amazing people, it’s no wonder you have aspirations of one day being able to incorporate their lifestyles into yours. Especially your sister, finding a single group of friends in which you can literally stay in or go out and still have a good time is rare. To me at least, but it’s an amazing to be able to experience a wide range of things with the same people and I hope you get to soon!


  • I also do majority of my job and task at night. I feel so energized to work at night as it’s so peaceful and quite around. Thanks for sharing this piece of yours!

  • Ramelle Carter

    Yes, I like how you incorporate the love of family, keep it up

  • Lindsey Ann

    It’s so nice you love your home so much!!