Feeling Like An Emotional Leech To Your Partner

Feeling Like An Emotional Leech To Your Partner

We all know that mental illness come with its fair share of pains in the ass. It saps our energy, makes us seem anti-social, ruins our relationships with the people we love, and the list continues. But do they actually have any affect emotional on the people we love themselves? Answers can definitely vary. But lets say that in some way shape or form, it does affect them. What would that look like? I think I can give you an answer

So you have depression and anxiety, your more sensitive than the average person,  but you do try not to be as sensitive. Kay. Your partner also happens to be sensitive. But you too seem to be able to work around each others sensitivities and it works….. Most of the time. But of course sometimes it doesn’t always work like that…..


Sometimes your mental illness overwhelms you. And it happens to come at the worst of times. Like the week your partner happens to not be doing too well emotionally. You do what you can to make them feel better but there honestly isn’t a lot that you can do. You know that, just as well as they do, you usually do well at not letting them see it bothers you that you can’t just make them happy. But that’s normal for almost every relationship right? We all realize we’re not just some magical cure for our partners when they need us in times of emotional distress.

But for those with depression this can be kinda hardtop deal with. Like I said we KNOW  that we aren’t a cure or frikkin magic potion. But dammit we hate seeing the ones we love in turmoil especially emotionally, because that’s the state  we’re in pretty damn constantly. So we try our fucking hardest to make them feel better, and when we can’t it kinda pushes us into our depression a little deeper. Which really doesn’t help, because now you’re both in emotional distress and you feel like shit because you can’t help them and you feel yourself becoming needy and trying not to show it to them because they’re still dealing with their own thing.

But of course it’s not that easy.

And this is where most relationships with one or all partners (for those who have polyamorous relationships) having mental illnesses can become a little unstable and rocky. There’s always a way to kinda find some stable ground and all partners find a way to help or at least not make the situation and each others emotions worse. It really just takes work and definitely communication, and self-knowledge of the things that make you feel better and help you emotionally.


  • First off, may I say the two of you together are adorable and I loved the photo you posted of your gf on IG with your new camera the other day!! Mental health issues definitely make relationships tricky but like you said, communication is key and it’s far better to be fully aware of each other’s mental states than to wonder “what the hell is going on with my partner??” for months on end. Great post as always, Theo. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    • Thanks Nicky! Yeah they definitely can make the relationship much more tricky to manueaver but communication can help make almost all of it 100% easier to handle. You always make me happy commenting on my posts. Hope your family is doing well. Enjoy your weekend!