My Spring Fashion Wish List 2k17

My Spring Fashion Wish List 2k17

Now that I’m getting back into blogging a bit, my post are (hopefully) gonna be smooth again. And it FRIKKIN SPRING! Do you even know how excited I am??? Like I don’t have to wear 6 layers just to go get chips at midnight, I don’t have to wake up in the mornings and look out the window and curse a million times because theirs snow on the ground, I can let the dog stay outside as long as she wants, so she can stop barking at me all day because she can’t go outside. I feel like singing. LOL if only. SO instead of my normal post this is gonna be a spring inspired post. So lets see how this goes….. Here is my Fashion Wishlist for 2k17.

Red Moss Plug Earrings from Jewelry & Pleasure

Red Moss

Okay so first of all these are absolutely GORGEOUS. And on top of that (some magical way or form) that’s actual real moss. And since I’ve just recently stretched my ears out to a 4mm gauge I really want something that would stand out. The best part though?? They’re red!!! If you couldn’t tell from all of the burgundy that’s like all over the site. That was not an accident, trust me.

Charcoal Grey Seeley Premier Shoes from Adidas


In the past few years I’ve become like a lil obsessed with shoes. Like literally in my room there’s a wall of shoes. Some people may think that’s too many shoes, but hey. I base most of my outfits off of either the shoes or the shirt. Don’t judge me. Besides my love for most shades of red I also really love Grey. Like literally in HS all I wore was red, black, and grey. Those were the colors I shuffled through, like no matter what, everyday at least one of those colors was in my outfit.


SuperStar Shoes from Adidas


Can you guys tell that I love Adidas yet? No like seriously they’re my favorite shoe brand. If i EVER get a chance to do anything with that company I will take it without hesitation. BUT I really love this shoe. It’s only in womens sizes but do you really think that’s gonna stop me??? <_< I think not my friend.  It’s got both my color burgundy, AND super dope floral patterns. Overall it’s just a seriously cool shoe from my favorite shoe company.

Fleece Shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch

So I’ve started shopping at A&F recently because One: they’re the only store that sells jeans in my exact size  (28 waist, 34 length) and they’re styles are super cool. Normally they’re a bit expensive but I get my size jeans for literally like $10 a pop sooooo I’ll take em. Anyway, I’m trying to get into wearing shorts. I stopped for a long time cause I hate how skinny my legs are but recently more clothes are being made that kinda make my figure look better. And I feel like these short could also do that.

What’s In Your Spring Fashion Wishlist?

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  • Dymond Moore

    I think we allll have that mile long wishlist. Mine is the entire H&M Loves Coachella collection!

    • Haven’t seen it omg i have to go look now!

  • Rebekah Hutchins

    Awesome list- I love the superstar shoes from adidas too!

    • Yaaaaasss. I have re white and burgundy, the all white and the white and black ones so far. Bavent been able to buy any in a while due yo financial trouble. But I plan to soon.

  • Morgan Greenwood

    Those plugs are dope!! And I agree.. I love spring and summer fashion because I’m lazy and hate having to put on 5725268 layers to go outside.

    • Lol ikr! It takes forever cause you have coordinate everything and all too much sometimes.