Trump and My Anxiety

Trump and My Anxiety

Ight. So I’m gonna try to keep this post short, because Trump and pretty much his entire damn cabinet fucking irritates me and terrifies me to no end, and I will start ranting if I’m not careful. SO anyone who is old enough to either care about politics (or if you’re like me or most millennials ) you’ve been keeping up with Trump and all the wild things that have been centering around him. And frankly I just have one question to be honest….. Why??? Why the fuck is he still in office? Why has he not been impeached yet? Why is it that people still seem to think it’s okay to support him and him dumbass ideas? WHY THEFUCK DID PEOPLE VOTE FOR HIM???? These are all questions that I honestly doubt I’m going to get answers to anytime soon if at all. But dammit, they’re important questions.

I’m not going to sit here and bash Trumps supporters (even though I really fucking want to and could justifiably do it for days on end) because it’s not going to get me or you readers anywhere. And I’m getting off topic again…. Let’s try this once more kay?

So if you’re like me (non-white, non-straight, non-cis etc.) and live in America, right now, you’re probably freaking out. I know a ton of us are. Our mental health has pretty much been in the toilet since this guy got into office( I’m going to try to refrain from calling him and his team insults, it’s just very difficult so bear with me kay?). He’s been making dumb decisions that affect us in the worst ways, he’s under investigation from THE FUCKING FBI, he continuously shows his stupidity and childlike mindset with his unbearable Tweets, all in all…. He’s an embarrassment, a dangerous terrifying embarrassment.

The only good thing that has come from his presidency? The way America is starting to come together against him. That’s literally the only benefit to him becoming president. SO for everyone who is scared right now, if you’re mental health is all over the place, is you’re worried for your safety or a friends safety or a loved one, I want you to know that there are a ton of safe places that are popping up. A lot of them aren’t really known because obviously it’ll cause problems, but I promise if you search you will find it. And if you ever need to talk all of my social media and my email is always open for any of you. Stay safe.


P.S This definitely ended up being a rant anyway, despite the fact that I tried not to go that route. So I’m sorry for how bad this post sucked lol.