Let’s Talk About Drugs

Let’s Talk About Drugs

Some Super Cool Kids I Met At Hashbash


Any kid who was born in the 90’s got the whole don’t do drugs speech like 50 times over. By the time we were in high school really?….. We just wanted everyone to shut the fuck up about it. Well at least most of us from America felt like that anyway. It was sooooo fucking exhausting. For those of you  who aren’t from America you probably won’t recognize this guy but I guarantee we do.




So for me  he appeared in like elementary school. Constantly over and over again. Repeatedly for the next like 2 years (granted I moved schools a few times so I must’ve missed him for a while after that. ) But in any case every school I went to, all of the students knew him, in some form or another. But I’m not here to talk about him. Let skip ahead shall we?

So this past weekend I went to an even called HashBash with some friends of mine and the University of Michigan campus. For those of you who are as unfamiliar with this even as I am, basically everyone gathers in like the center of campus and smokes weed for like 6 hours straight. Now for a person such as I who smokes weed off and on sometimes and who has never been to such an even lemme tell you. I. WAS. SHOOK. It was so crazy, blunts, bongs, pipes, and edibles were literally everywhere. There were a ton of vendors selling all sorts of wild marijuana related things, I’d literally never seen so much of it in one place.

This whole little event got me thinking. Why are so many people against weed? Because it’s a drug? Because they have been told it is harmful? There are any number of reasons. It’s pretty obvious which side of the fence I hold but still. I believe that so many people are against it simply because it’s been labeled as a drug, and those people have been taught (just like me) that all drugs are bad. But I’m the type of person who is super open-minded and will likely try anything once. (No that doesn’t mean I’ll ever touch things like Coke and Heroin.. Even I have my limits.

But things like Weed and LSD, especially for my depression/anxiety, they can be such a game changer. It has helped me a lot when I was having a bad day when I knew I needed to be productive but couldn’t find the energy to get out of bed. Or when I’m having a panic attack and can’t think straight. I’m not trying to convince everyone to go out and smoke like 10 joints. I’m just saying be open to the help that it can give y’know? You never know what good it could do you.

Do any of you all smoke weed or drop LSD? Regardless of that answer, tell me what your thoughts are on these two drugs I’d love to hear your responses.