UnWritten Excerpts: Volume 3

UnWritten Excerpts: Volume 3

It had only been 2 weeks since we’d last seen each other.

But it had felt like forever.

None of that mattered now as she was curled up into my chest.

Both of us entangled in the other, making it difficult to sense where I ended and she began.

This is all I want.

If I could stay here like this with her.


For that?

I’d give up everything.





Heeeeeey. So it’s been a whole week since I’ve posted anything. My girlfriend was home for the weekend and being around her just makes me wanna cuddle and be lazy after not seeing her for a while. So that’s why I was gone, anyway though! I’m Back!!!! And because for some unknown hellish reason coming back to blogging after being gone for a week is the most difficult thing ever. I’m coming back with another post in my Unwritten Excerpts series.

Anyway! Gotta dip. Laters Royals

  • Jen

    Hey it’s Jen from the #sbbchat! Never would have guessed you’re a new blogger… You have some amazing pics and content… damn! Keep it up! Jen beautylifemom.com

    • Omg thanks! Yeah im still pretty new. Just started this in January so yeah pretty damn new.