Album of the Week: 4 Your Eyez Only

Album of the Week: 4 Your Eyez Only

Yooooooo! So I’ve been gone pretty much all week, cause it’s been busy and long and I’m jus tired as hell and yeah, but I digress. Anyway here we are with another Album of the Week post and we are gonna chat about one of my favorite albums of the year so far. J. Cole’s “4 Your Eyez Only”. This album is legit to me one of the fucking best albums for a lot of reasons.

1: It Tells Stories

Okay like I know a lot of new rap is just like about partying and smoking and being hood and sex and shit, and that’s cool for partying i guess but it’ not really me to be honest. I want rap that tells stories. If it’s gonna be hood that’s fine, but i don’t want the game clouded with a bunch of stupid songs about cookin’ crack in ya moms kitchen ya feel me? I want hood raps about the one good girl you lost cause you were being stupid. Raps about shit that happened to you in the hood, and not bs made up stories, don’t try to make it up if it didn’t happen to you. I guarantee it wont sound authentic.

2: It’s So Damn Smooth

The sound of the entire album itself is just smooth. The mixture of the words and the meanings behind them and the instrumentals are all so clever you can just tell how much work he put into his craft. All the way from neighbors thinking he’s selling dope, to the album being for his daughters eyes only. It’s just fucking amazing dude.

I’ve been listening to Cole since he dropped Sideline Story hell I’ll even go back to Lost Ones. Both of them are super dope tracks from when he first started. I think all of you guys will enjoy his music in general but definitely the album itself. Listen to a couple tracks and tell me what you guys think!


4 Your Eyez Only