Insecurities +Body Image

Insecurities +Body Image

If you guys have read at least of  few of my posts on here you know how open I am about what i feel, and my experiences and such even with dealing with my depression and anxiety. Well this post will be no different. Mainly I’m writing this because earlier tonight (by tonight I mean Wednesday) I had a conversation with my girlfriend, I realized just how insecure I am in a lot of ways actually and I’m sure a lot of people can relate. When i say i have insecurities i mean i have like a lot, most happen to be related to body image but there are some that aren’t. However to keep my ADD in check I’ll stick with the body image problems I have for this post.

Mainly the problems center around the fact that, I’m a fucking stick figure. No this is not a fucking joke, at all. Like I have zero curves my friend it really sucks. Wanna know my frikkin jean size? Waist: 26/27 (depends on the brand) Length: 32. Do you know how fucking IMPOSSIBLE it is to find that size of jean??? Like the only stores i know of that come even close to it are Rue21 and Abercrombie and Fitch. And both are hella expensive.

Besides that though I’ve just gotten over being insecure of my head y’know? Like I have a big forehead and definitely big ears but now that I have longer hair, it doesn’t bother me cause they’re always covered. Which is honestly the entire reason i grew my hair out. But back to my sizes though cause that’s literally my biggest cause of insecurity.

How do i explain this… Okay so like I know that girls have been feeling insecure for years about their bodies due to the way media portrays how women “should” look. And it’s very fucked up and I for one am SOOOOOOO fucking happy to see women finally finding love in their looks and it’s fucking amazing watching all of y’all slay the absolute fuck out of those stereotypes of what the media has said you should be. However I have also come to realize that this problem also is just as real for guys. Like I know that I’m not the only guy who is agonizingly disappointed in the way he looks, and his measurements in at least a couple areas, not even feigning to bring up sexual measurements cause that’s a topic I don’t even wanna get into at the moment.

But I think that a lot of people don’t realize that like…. Yeah guys get insecure and sad about their bodies too y’know? Sometimes we need someone to tell us that they think we’re handsome or cute or just something man.

But here’s the happy part.

Okay so what I’m about to say is probably bound to raise questions about my gender identity or possibly my sexuality even and I am SUPER okay with those questions, as a matter of fact i encourage them. Bring on any questions you may have and I will definitely answer them honestly. I love you guys getting to know me. ANYWAY

So this morning my insecurities were like swallowing my soul right? (Very dark I know but like I said. I’m a dramatic person bro) So what do i do? I decide to go buy something that I think will make me feel cute. Now as you guys know or you might not I guess if you don’t really read the blog, I identify as Non-Binary and Pansexual. I’ve linked those words to definition links if you’re unsure of what they mean.

Moving On!

So i went out to go shopping, at first I hit VS/Pink and just browsed but I kept getting girls looking at me weird since I was there without my girlfriend or any woman for that matter, and  it made me feel uncomfortable and i felt my anxiety rising so i dipped out looking as uninterested in what I saw as i possibly could, then i headed to Rue21. I kinda just looked around for a while completely unsure of what it was exactly that I was looking for. And then I spotted stuff that caught my eye. Probably cause it was a pretty cool sign IDK dude. But i came across some super cute things called “Boylegs” Some of you girls may have heard of them. Basically or at least in my opinion they’re boyshorts, which to most men would just be called boxer briefs. However unlike boxer briefs, these are usually a bit shorter, with a snugger kind of feel.

One pair looks almost exactly like these just without the pink logo

These are the other 2 pair I got and they’re adorable.


So what is the lesson for today kids? When your feeling insecure about your body…. GO BUY SOMETHING CUTE. I guarantee you can find something you will feel cute in, and if not call your bestfriend and drag their asses with you for backup! LOL Anyways laters guys!



  • Xojohnnielynn

    That’s definitely something that gets overlooked. Every one preaches body confidence but it’s directed to women and girls. No one ever talks about guys, which is unfourtunate. I am glad you found something that made you feel cute 😀


    • Definitely! I mean it’s becoming more widely known now, but it’s still very rarely talked about. Thanks!

  • nice one, but sometimes, people feeling insecure may not even have cash to buy something that will make them feel good.

  • I feel you on the whole “stick figure” and “can’t find clothes” thing. I can’t buy any tops without having them tailored because they’ll look baggy on me. The smallest waist pants don’t hang down my hips, but that doesn’t change the fact that if I hold an end out, it looks like one of those weight loss ads xD
    And the worst thing is how people come up to me in this pretentious way like “oh you could just fix this if you ate more” like solving things about body weight and size is really that easy- it’s not.
    Anyway, great post, I really liked reading it!

    • Ugh I HATE when people tell me to just eat more. Like don’t you think I’ve tried that? I eat legit all the time and I’ve been the same weight since like 10th grade. ANyway, thanks!

  • lifeasloismay

    It is so great that you are openly talking about all of this. I find myself feeling the same as you when it comes to my figure, although different circumstances. I love the ending where you promote to buy something cute when you’re feeling down, definitely need to feel more positive instead of look at the negatives all the time. Great read!
    Lois x

  • Róisín H

    I love this post. Not the insecurities bit, obviously, but the cute undies? All for it. Do what makes you feel good, who cares who’s watching? Hope you’re feeling better lovely 🙂

  • Kerona Ledgister

    great post if you feeling insecure start working out lifting weights, buying something cute is a temporary fix, at the sametime if you start working out you will also be improving your health and that’s a win win for you. i personaly know how you feel im petite sometimes not even a 0 fits me but im learning day by day to find something i love about myself and not let it consume me