UnWritten Excerpts: Volume 2

UnWritten Excerpts: Volume 2

With her laying against me head

perfectly nestled into my shoulder

one hand on the small of her back

the heat of her body caressing slowly through my fingertips like a flame that doesn’t burn

The other hand gently tangled within the coils of her short curly hair

the sun reflecting from her strands rainbows of bright colors Feeling the weight of her body leaning against my own

But it was a good weight

The kind you feel from your favorite blanket

A comforting weight that makes you feel loved, and safe, knowing as long as that feeling is around

Everything is fine


Hey guys! So here’s Volume 2 of my Unwritten Excerpts. Whad’ya think? This one came to me last weekend on the drive taking my girlfriend back to college. I know I know. Sappy. But what can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic. It’s all I’m good at. Or at least, I hope I’m good at it… *insert nervous chuckle, blushing and looking away here* Anyway! I hope you’re all doing well and staying warm. Later!