Album of the Week: Cry Baby

Album of the Week: Cry Baby

Yoooooooooooo wazzup wazzup wazzup???(Voice of Lord Death from Soul Eater) No?…. okay i understand, I’m just an anime nerd, I know, I’m sorry. *Goes off to cry for 10 minutes* Okay I’m back. Anyway! Here is this weeks Album of the Week! So this album I swear makes people look at me funny. Like even my girlfriend when i told her i was absolutely in love with it she was like “….. you have issues we haven’t talked about don’t you?” Which I think is absolutely hilarious! I feel like to like this album you have to have imagination but it has to be a little twisted and distorted ya feel me?

Like it’s a colorful and whimsical little album world that it portrays but that’s only the surface y’know? As soon as you scratch that surface it becomes this dark weird Alice in Wonderland world, revolving around family issues, self hatred, and other very relevant problems in todays society, mostly targeted towards women. Some of the issues brought up however can apply to pretty much anyone.

Oh! Dammit I got ahead of myself and forgot to tell you the album name! I’m of course talking about the album Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez.

The super adorable cry baby herself


So obviously even the way she presents herself gives us this sort of interesting kinda view as to who she is right? And it kinda correlates with the album; a lot of people don’t realize it but she’s kinda an artistic genius. Like at least she is in my opinion. To set up this world she’s created and make it a real visualization and having had curated all of her own videos. It’s crazy! Back to the album though, I’d have to say my favorite song is most definitely Sippy Cup. It’s just a really cute, but deep song, that has this amazing rhythm to it. And if you aren’t paying attention it’ll capture you, and you’ll have it on replay for a while. But those are the types of songs I love the most.

This is just her first album. Last I heard she was working on a second that is a sequel to the first, and it will continue off where the main character named “Cry Baby” was last  seen. I don’t know man I’m excited to see what she brings to the table. She has given me a very high hope for her. Anyway, i gotta go. I’ll throw you guys some links so you can check out the album if you haven’t listened to it before or what have you. Laters!



  • Sam Rosenfeld

    Thank you for sharing- I am always looking for new music, and this is going in the rotation!