UnWritten Excerpts: Volume 1

UnWritten Excerpts: Volume 1

As I looked out the window, speeding past fields of dead grass

Littered with some trees finally growing bright green leaves again, and others

Still seemingly searching for the livelihood, I realized where we were

A deep sigh slipped away, leaving a heavy feeling in my chest even after it was gone

We were a lot closer than I wanted to be.


Hey guys! So this idea kinda sprouted from thoughts I had in my head during certain events. It kinda reminded me of those quotes you see on Tumblr that say “quotes from a book I’ll never write”. That’s what these kinda are to me. Words from books of events told in a poetic sounding way that I will most likely never write. Well I guess this one isn’t too poetic sounding, but you get the point. Anyway! This is gonna become a series on here known as “Unwritten Excerpts”.


Dramatic right? I know, that’s the point! This is also in tandem with the new Urban Writer series I’m starting on my Instagram. So if you’re a person who likes things with an urban/street feel. Hop over to my Instagram  for a look. I’m trying to raise my Insta presence, so lets hope this project helps it take off. Especially now that I have an official photographer. He’s just starting out and equipment isn’t all that great (mostly an iPhone and a few digital cameras for now) but I’ve done all my photoshoots with him and they always turn out great. He has an amazing artistic sense and always finds something that looks odd and makes it work. Hella excited to be working with him. If you wanna check him out, here’s his Instagram Page.



  • Dymond Moore

    Following on IG! You’re right the photos always look gorgeous!

  • Kelly Hoggons (Velvet and Vibr

    These quotes are so beautiful!

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

  • alicia nicole 💋 ✨

    Followed both of your IGs! I loved the excerpt you wrote. It kinda make me want to get back into writing poetry (I haven’t written poetry since freshmen year of highschool lol). Great work, and I look forward to more! Thanks for sharing!

    Alicia Nicole xo

  • OMG thank you! Yeah freshman year was when i got into poetry a lot more. I have quite a few poems on different websites. Can’t wait to bring you more!