Album of the Week: Madness

Album of the Week: Madness

Let’s go back to my emo days shall we? Starting with the band that i actually got into when i was learning to play guitar. Did i mention I play guitar? Anyway! So this group is amazing, their singer is the absolutely gorgeous (and gifted with the voice of angels) Kellin Quinn.


Damn he’s cute.

But let’s get to the album! So it’s called Madness which i think is appropriate based on a few of the songs, such as We Are The Strays.  Is this just like smooth vibe at first. It turns more rock after the 2nd verse, because the first 2 are mainly just acoustic. But then he starts screaming and it just….. it’s amazing i love it. Then you have Kick Me, which is just full of like pure teen angst, anger and screaming, perfect song for a concert to be honest.

That’s just a few. The entire itself in kinda this beautiful flaming swirl or meaningful messages, screams, and awesome guitar riffs, and such. Everything you could ever need for a trip back to the days where you and your friends were super into being “edgy” orrrr just really enjoyed the music of that type. Whichever floats your boat. Mines was a mix of the situations i was going through and had just started learning guitar so it kinda fit.  I’ll Leave links for the album below. Did you guys listen to bands and things other people would shrink away from? Lemme know in the comments below.