Why Haven’t You Followed Your Dreams Yet

Why Haven’t You Followed Your Dreams Yet

When we were kids, everybody told us to follow our wildest dreams. Most of us said things like “actor”, “princess”, “firefighter”, “model”. They kept that up all through elementary school, but once we hit middle school, that all changed. Once we got in 6th grade they told us to choose something a bit more realistic. And they kept throwing it at us, so we changed up. “basketball player”, “writer”, “teacher”, things we were kinda interested but obviously hadn’t tried to pursue or anything. Then we got to high school, and again they told us to become more realistic. So we said “therapist”, “athlete”, “biologist”, “vet”, “journalist”. These things we kinda new a little bit about but most of us were still unsure about it all and frankly just wanted to stop being asked about it.

A lot of us however weren’t all that interested in these things. We had other careers and adventures that we wanted to pursue but every time we tried to tell our parents, and actually anyone from the older generation 9 times out of 10 they told us we wouldn’t make money and we should pick something smarter.  But we weren’t really all that concerned with making money. WE just knew it was something we loved and enjoyed and wanted to try. However i don’t think our predecessors are the reason that me and my generation haven’t or can’t pursue or dreams and go after the wild adventures that we wished to.

I think a bigger part of it, now that we’re older and on our own, is that it seems impossible. In a world basically ruled by money, and greed, we’ve kinda figured out that we can’t really even afford to follow our dreams. Everything is so expensive,  and companies love making money from literally anything and everything, that all that money we spent on bachelors and associate degrees is basically down the toilet cause they’re not really worth anything anymore. Most of us can’t afford to live on our own, even in a small one bedroom apartment.

We have no idea where to go or what to do. We’re trying to find a way to make our passion a career even if it seems impossible, but with the world in the state it’s in (ohkaye in all honesty mostly its just America cause we suck) we really see no way to make it happen. We need money in order to live and have a home, so we work in jobs we can’t stand, that are nowhere near things we enjoy, spend time with people we don’t really care for, doing things, we don’t really even like. Getting stuck in this cycle of just…. nothing.

But it’s time for that to end. We won’t be the generation that gives up, because what does that tell the generation after us? That life fucks you over and you should just give up and do what we can to make life bearable? No, that’s not the way i plan to go out, and it’s not the way i want any of you to go out either. I want you to follow your dreams! Whether it’s travel, writing, volunteering for animal organizations or something like welding and creating things with your hands. Go for it! Work, and work hard even if you hate your current job, but while you’re doing that. Plan! Create a plan or timeline for how you’re gonna use that job or jobs to piggyback off of and get into doing what you want.


If it’s something you really love i can guarantee you it’s not going to be an easy road. But once you start to actually engage in the dream you’ll learn to stick with it, even with the pains that come with it at the present time. Dreams aren’t meant to be given up on (at least not all of them) they’re meant to be taken up. It’s a challenge, and a challenge that we can win.  Tell me what some of you guy’s dreams are, whether or not you’re pursuing them and if you’re doing something that you’re not really interested in, in order to bring your dream to light.

  • Passionate Gypsy

    I JUST wrote a book about a lot of the points you mentioned in this post. I mean it is so so so true…the only thing I slightly disagree with you on is having to remain in a job you hate. I firmly believe we don’t have to do this. It is totally possible to find a job you dread waking up in the morning for…you just have to think outside the box and be proactive. Great post though.

    • Thanks! With that point I was going more for the fact that since we’re all at least 20 now we more than likely have bills and such so we can’t judt up and leave randomly ya know? Once we have a way to secure some sort of income to at least hold us until we get that job that we don’t hate then we can quit.

  • Kerona Ledgister

    amazing points so true on every word you said, you hit the nail on the head, i am unable to go back to uni right now and blogging is my only hope to actually getting a career if only i knew about it years ago when i was a teen but everything happens for a reason right

    • I’m trying to get into college, but it’s taking forever. And working 2 jobs plus trying to make my blog my career is tiring and just yeah. I totally understand. I’m only 20 now so i suppose I might still have time? I don’t even know

      • Kerona Ledgister

        Oh wow that’s a tough one working two jobs wow, I can’t even get a job here in my country it’s so rough. You can make it and you can do it believe in my yourself and you will move mountains

        • Theo Person

          well i got lucky. i only got my main one because they didn’t have anybody on staff at all. Everyone either quit, got fired or was on vacation so they were desperate. And my other job is just seasonal.