Why Shopping Is Therapy For Me

Why Shopping Is Therapy For Me

Almost everybody has something that helps relax them, something they juts enjoy doing no matter what. One persons is reading, and another’s is sports. Everybody is different and has their own way of dealing with life. My girlfriends happens to be napping(which is totally cute and adorable btw, but more on that in a later post). Mines on the other hand is shopping!


It literally is one of my fav things ever. Or at least clothes/jewelry shopping is, more so clothing. I can’t shop the way i really want to cause I’m broke and life but still it’s so damn enjoyable. Trying on outfits, spending like 30 minutes to find the right pair of pants to go with that shirt, desperately trying to match shoe colors with top colors, and some accessory to match. I’m a person who if i have enough money and time, i could spend a good hour or two in one store looking for the perfect matches. #SorryNotSorry these things happen.

Some of my friends sincerely hate being dragged to the mall with me, but suck it up. You signed on for this when we became friends, and i need someone to tell me if these pants look good with this button up and the mirror can’t talk so it’s your job. And once we get back to my house we’re having at least several photo shoots, cause i need to be seen at every angle so i can delete the 50 we take and keep the other 3.

I feel kinda bad for being like that but hey, what am i to do? Deny myself of being who I am? I think not. Just gotta deal with it if we’re friends.


This was kind of a short post but I did a lot of shopping recently and I decided this would be a cool post to use as an new series i plan on starting soon. Keep up with my blog and I promise you’ll see it soon