Album Of The Week: With Love

Album Of The Week: With Love

So i don’t listen to a lot of new rap from like the visible artists. Personally? They suck. I mean i bump Drake, (the old) Young Jeezy, Post Malone, and like Big Sean. But other than them, i hate the new “rappers” that have come out within the past like year and a half. Their music makes my ears hurt and my brain goes numb. That’s my personal opinion though. If yall like em, hey more power to ya fam. But me? Nah fam.

However that doesn’t mean that i don’t still listen to rap. Like i said, I literally listen to all types of music (I’m still trying to get with country. It’s difficult though). But instead of keeping with the known rappers I’m starting to prefer the kinda “underground” rap. This artist is a good example of that, and a perfect example of the type of rap i enjoy hearing. Phora is a 23 year old school cat, who raps about his life, the hood, and CA where he’s from.

Yours Truly

He’s kinda cute tbh

Listening to his songs, he literally puts his heart in them like i shit you not. My sister made me change the album cause the songs was making her cry. But don’t turn away cause you think he’ll have you in your feels whenever you listen to him. Yeah he has sad songs, but most of his songs is just on some real shit. He has some really fun hype dope songs too like Swapmeeet Steelo. It’s the type of track you get in the car, role the windows down, and turn your stereo as high as it can go, and drive to taco bell with the crew. That fun summer type of track ya feel?

He actually just dropped a new track on Thursday. It’s called Slow Down. (It’s actually Thursday as I’m writing this so i haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet. But I’m super excited for it! But I think all of you guys would love his sound. Here’s a couple links to him.







  • Ashley Relton

    Definitely sounds like someone I might actually enjoy! I’ll have to have a listen some time – thank you for introducing me to a possible new artist!

    Ashley x

    • No problem! I do a new album every Sunday so if you’re ever looking for a new artist just take a look 🙂