Letter To My 15 Year Old Self

Letter To My 15 Year Old Self

Hey you.

It’s been a while lil man. You should be about 15 now right? Heh, yeah that’s when everything started to get different. Just got into high school, found out the girl you love, loves you back, started becoming more you. Or at least trying to ha. Those were some interesting timesdude. I know we went through a lot. Her being so far away, there being nothing we could do about it. Making “friends” but knowing you’re still an outcast. All the poems we wrote, all the dumb things we did to try to impress people who didn’t even give a fuck about us. It was  pretty wild.

But y’know what? You’re gonna make it. It’s going to get bad I’m not gonna lie. Everything will be mellow up until your junior year. You’re gonna get your first D on a report card. You’re gonna “break up” with her, get with another girl. You’re gonna meet these super cool ass freshman. I can’t wait for you to meet Momo. She’s gonna become one of your very best friends. You’re gonna argue with Wendy a lot. It’ll be over really stupid shit but it’ll irk the hell out of you for a while.

You’ll stop hanging with Blake and ‘Bino so much though. Turns out, you really only hung with them cause yall saw each other in classes. After that stops your friendship pretty much does too. But it’ll be okay. Remember those freshmen i mentioned? They’re gonna become the closest friends you’ve made in a long time. Especially Linda and Momo.

Remember those names. You’ll need them when shit hits the fan senior year. A lot is going to happen and it’s going to change you… I’m not exactly sure whether or not it’s for the better just yet, and it’s been about 2 years. You’re gonna go into senior year SO ready. You’re excited to do senior project, and graduate and get the hell out of high school. But… it isn’t going to be as easy as we originally thought bro. Theres going to be a lot of fights, tears, breakdowns, and blood…. All of those are quite literal too, I’m not joking… I want you to be ready kid. Senior year is going to hurt and it is going to break you. You’re gonna believe that you’re not gonna make it.

Wanna know something though? I’m typing this, so guess what that means??? We made it. I’m 20 now, and we fucking made it. I’m in Michigan now, trying to get into school, working 2 jobs. We fucking did it my man. And guess what else? We finally have Alyson. She’s our girlfriend now kidd.. It took FOUR long painful fucking years, but we’re finally together and it is literally better than anything we had ever imagined. She’s going to school in Ohio, but we have a car now, so we drive down a lot to hang out with her, and she comes home to be with us.

So what do you think of what I’ve told you? I’m not gonna lie and say it’ll be easy and that I’ve figured everything out, cause that’s hella far from the truth. But right now? I’d dare to say life is finally going pretty damn well man.

Stay strong kid. You can make it. We’re tougher than we ever thought. I’m living fucking proof of that. Don’t believe what you’re gonna tell yourself in the coming years. You’re gonna be okay.


Till next time,

Year Old You.