Album of the Week: H.E.R Vol. 1

Album of the Week: H.E.R Vol. 1

You all remember when Pokémon came on when we were kids, and it had that one piece that came on when it was bout to break to commercial, and it would have a shadow of a person or one of the Pokémon, and you have to guess who it was? Whelp! Let me introduce you to the real life version of that little puzzle. The artist simply known as H.E.R



She is the most mysterious artist to be known right now. She’s underground yes, but the reason she’s so mysterious is because literally nobody has seen what she looks like! The album covers she has out right now  just show her shadow. It’s all very deep and poetic like. Her voice legit just adds to the mystery. It’s such a sultry, relaxing sound tbh.

And it’s not just her voice either. It’s the instrumentals that she chooses to go with them. It’s literally like she’s a frikkin Alchemist and music is her creation. Her 1st album out is called H.E.R Vol 1. It definitely caught my attention when i first heard Losing, a really smooth slow song on the album, it had me trapped and stuck for like an hour. After that i added the ENTIRE album to my Spotify before listening to the rest. I just had this feeling. Like I already knew i was gonna enjoy her music.

This thought was most definitely a HELL YEAH when i heard her remix of Drakes’ Jungle . She just has this way of like layering her voice and giving you a whole something new. Especially when it came to that track.

Personally i love her and can’t wait for the new album to drop this year. If you want to take a listen to H.E.R here are the links to everything.




  • Sounds interesting! I’m in a musical rabbit hole right now, so I’ll have to check out the album while I’m exploring.

    Breanna Catharina

    • Theo Person

      I literally have sooooo many artists people have never heard of. If yiu ever need music. Message me cause I gotchu lol

  • Hi. I’ve not heard of this artist. I shall have to see if I can find their tunes on Napster for a quick listern #TeacupClub

    • Theo Person

      Never heard if Napster but yeah she might be there

  • H.E.R being so mysterious reminds me of another artist who did/does the same thing, but I can’t, for the life of me, remember who it is.

    Nonetheless, I definitely need to check her out, especially because you mentioned layering being sometbing that is prevalent in her music and I love a good bit of layering.

    Thank you for sharing, spring roll. 😘

    mchi | mchiouji —

    • Theo Person

      You are very welcome dear royal. And yes I feel you will love her.