5 Thought OVERthinkers Know Too Well

5 Thought OVERthinkers Know Too Well

Chances are that if you are looking at this post, you were attracted by one of those words up there in the title. A very specific one though, “Overthinkers”. We know who we are. We go through life but at the same time we don’t. We live in the present, but at the same time we also constantly live in the past and future. These states of time, consume us, and if we aren’t careful could quite literally define our whole life. Unfortunately though this isn’t gonna be a post about how to manage your brain if you an overthinker. Why? Cause I haven’t figured it out yet either, so I’m right there with you bro. So without delaying lets hop right into it. 5 thoughts that only overthinkers have experienced and will understand.

1. “What do I say?”

Now I know most of you probably just said “wtf” in your head. Everybody thinks that a lot right? Well yeah you’re right about that. We all have moments where we aren’t really sure what to say, so let me explain. When normal people ask themselves this question, probably just either decide to say something completely random or stay silent depending upon the situation right? Well for overthinkers it’s completely different when we ask ourselves this. After this we shoot probably around 100 ideas around our brains in under 60 seconds. And ya know what? More than likely we will hate every last one, and that’s where the problem comes in. We can’t stay silent, we feel like it’ll make it awkward or cause a problem especially if it’s just us and one other person. So now we’re practically screaming at ourselves to say something. Anything! But we probably won’t.

2. “What If They Hate Me?”

Remember When I said that we live in the past, present, and future? Well this is where that becomes a problem. This question in particular relates to the past. And that past could literally be from something we said from like 5 seconds ago, to something we didn’t do like 6 years ago.t could literally be as small as not giving someone a hug, and it will plague our minds until we figure it out. And don’t let it be about someone we love, it will literally drive us insane. We’ll look at it from a million different angles looking for a way to convince ourselves that they don’t hate us. And inevitably we’ll probably only succeed in coming up with another reason as to why they do.

3. “Oh My GoD They Hate Me”

This is when we start to go into a mental panic. We tried to stop it but we knew there was no way to avoid it. We’re racking out brains going over every single thing we’ve ever said or done to that person. Finding problems with all of it, justifying our panicked state even more. You won’t realize it because we mask it very well, and 9 times out of 10 we are waaaaaayyyyy to damn terrified to even ask you if you like us or if we’ve upset you in anyway. But like I said, you’ll never know this. Unless of course you ask but then depending on the person you’ll get a few different reactions. Either 1: we’ll tell you that nothing is wrong and we’re okay. If you pay close attention though you’ll easily be able to tell we are lying through our teeth. Or 2: we will immediately break down, and start crying and shaking and trying to tell you about it, but it more than likely it won’t make sense because we’ve lost it and our sentences are incomprehensible.

4. “What does this/that mean???”

Ahhhhh! I think I hate this one the most. It’s so damn annoying. We are always searching for the underlying meaning in something. Constantly , like I promise it doesn’t matter what it is. Like we’ll absentmindedly put together an outfit for a special event and when we realize the combination we made be like “…… the fuck does this mean 0_0” ugh it’s such a pain honestly. If we could put that ability into anything else we do, we would frikkin rule the planet. Seriously.

5. “It’s My Fault”

Oui. I hate this one also. We are some of the most elf-blaming creatures ever! Does not matter what the situation is or who the person is. It could have literally nothing to do with us, like at all and we’d find a way to blame ourselves.  And if it doesn’t involve us or we are associated with it in any way? Oh better look out cause there is about to be a mental hurricane, earthquake, and tsunami all at the same time. And it will keep spinning and running in our brains, for a very long time please believe me

Glad you stopped by! Come and see me again some time little Royals! <3