Welcome to Trumps ‘Merica

Welcome to Trumps ‘Merica

Welcome to Trumps America

Where basically everyday is a fucking terrible sitcom/reality TV show, nobody knows what the hell is going on anymore, everybody is scared and confused, and the main character is an idjit.


For those of you who watch Supernatural 🙂

I’m sure all of you, even those who don’t live I America have had a constant flow of Trump and his administration making calls that seem like they belong in an episode of The Twilight Zone, hell Congress up and changed their rules on the fly simply so they could have their way. When in the entire history of this fucked up country has that EVER happened???? Not until this overly tanned ass pimple from the depth of hell unleashed on America shows up. He’s literally worse than Bieber (who isn’t an ass anymore). He was never supposed to escape Canada. Well… Trump was never supposed to escape the 7th gate of hell where he was created from the fire and brimstone.

But away from bashing Trump directly for a few moments while I update you on the shit he’s pulled the last few days. Where to start, where to start. Let’s see he got the Former Prime Minister of Norway detained because of his stupid travel ban. Republicans released a bill that literally makes it okay for rapists to sue their victims, Arkansas passed a bill that allows fathers and spouse rapists can now take their daughter/wife to court for trying to abortions from rape. The rumor of Trumps impending “Religious Freedom Bill” looks like it will be more than a rumor, meaning I or millions of others could be fired for who they are.

That’s only a few. There are literally like at least a dozen more. But for now since it’s getting close to PRIDE let’s talk about this “Religious Freedom” bill. Which is really just political bullshit that stands for “I believe in a dumbass book that says you cant be who you were born to be so I’m going to hate you and make your life a living hell even though what you do behind closed door or even in public has nothing to do with me”. And I love how people are trying to say that “Oh well we just need to agree to disagree on that”. Like NO. That’s not how this fucking works. You can use that for your tastes in music and food and which one of your friends can actually sing and which ones sound like cats being strangled. NOT whether or not I deserve all the same fucking rights that you get simply based off of what gender I choose to represent as or who I happen to fall in love with.

And I love how Trump and all of his administration love to say that they’re “trying to protect the sanctity of marriage” when they’ve ALL divorced and been in multiple marriages! Like i don’t know about you but I remember divorce being incredibly frowned upon in the Bible. I really hate seeing people with this whole “Oh I am Holier than thou complex. Like really have several seats. If the Bible is real, then God is more than likely coming for your dumbass soul first and sending you straight to hell.

Let me know what you guys think of this sitcom I call a country right now. Leave comments, lets get engaged and stuffs. Later Royals