This Company Got My Curls Poppin!

This Company Got My Curls Poppin!

This is basically the reason I started this blog over again. I wanted to do a lot of post involving haircare and such (hence the name Curl Prince since my hair is super curly and uncontrollable). Anyway, I was shooting through my Facebook feed early in the month and saw an ad for this store called Function of Beauty. I’d seen them before, but I was pretty damn bored so I decided to explore and take a look at em. After going through a little Hair Care quiz I decided ” what the hell? Let’s order some!” And I did. Not gonna lie it took a while for it to be ready to get shipped out. About 2 weeks if I remember right. But they style the products personally for the hair styles and wishes that you select in the quiz.

After getting it I used it like the VERY next day. Dude I was so excited for this. I love personalized things. It even came with like instructions for a sort of routine, to get your hair to the objectives that you listed in the quiz. So I thought that was kinda cool.

Review Routine

The recommended routine for caring for my hair

 As soon as I used the shampoo it felt very… Different from any other type of shampoo I’ve used. It was smoother, for one, and I didn’t have to use as much as I normally would. My hair is kinda super long, so I normally have to get a good handful, hell sometimes two tbh. With this stuff though I literally only needed three squirts out of the bottle. CRAZY right???? I know, same bro. After the shampoo came the conditioner (as a little side note I just started growing my hair out about 2 years ago and before that I never used conditioner. I now understand why when washing long hair, doing it right it takes like 30 frikkin minutes. 0_o) And that took an even smaller amount! It was so wild man.

Skipping ahead after letting it air dry for about 4-6 hours cause that’s the sensible thing to do instead of just drying it with a towel right??? Yeah. So after that I was running my fingers through my curls for a good 15 minutes just because it felt AMAZING. I was already starting to be able to tell the difference. The products were immediately working their magic, making my hair luxuriously soft, and silky. My curls were perfect and bouncy, scalp was still dry, but not as dry as before really. I’m sure it’ll take a couple more washes for it to make a noticeable difference.

So I definitely will be ordering from this store again, and I for  sure recommend them to everyone reading.


I also have a discount for you! If you order from them using my code you get $5 off! So y’know. Save money and stuff!!

Gotta go though. Later little Royals <3 :*