Album of the Week: Dysphoria

Album of the Week: Dysphoria

Heeeeeeeeyyyy! So this is the first series on my blog. And a pretty damn simple one right?? “Album of the Week” I listen to music so much, and apparently I listen to tons of shit that people don’t even know is out there. So I figure since I listen to pretty much every genre of music that’s out there (except country. I literally only like one country song. I’ll list it at the end of this post though in case you wanna check it out, since it’s not an entire album.) I should totally share it with you guys!


This album is gonna appeal to anyone who plays video games and falls absolutely in love with the soundtrack (almost more than the damn game and storyline tbh). Anyone who likes dark/broken techno or dubstep is gonna enjoy it. Any of you who like dark kinda creepy lyrics that seem to come out of nowhere but for any reason you love, you’re gonna love the interludes on this one, they’re super dope. If you feel like you’ve heard or seen anything from him it’d more than likely be  “Runaway”  by him and Ianborg. It’s a really beautiful song with a smooth instrumental, and I fell in love with it long ago. Maybe some of you who are knew to him will love it too!

Personally my favorite song on the album is We Never Asked For This. It literally sounds like it belongs at the end of a super dark (probably apocalyptic) video game that ends either with the death of the main character OR a character that the creators knew you would grow to love and killed them off just to DESTROY all of your emotions and leave you a curled up mess of tears and hatred, wanting to throw the controller at the wall.

So here are the links where you can find the album, whether you just wanna listen for free or buy it or what have you. Either way I think anybody can find at least one song on this album that they can enjoy.





If there’s an app or website that you use for music that I didn’t put up just yell at me in the comments and I’ll find it and throw it in for you. These just happen to be the ones that I use. Lemme know what you guys think of the album and ALSO if you guys have any songs/album you’d like me to check out. I’m gonna start doing music reviews soon. SO yeah gimme ideas!

Love you guys. Later Royals