For those of you who have read a few of my posts,you know I curse. However, in reality I curse a lot more. So be ready for a lot of that throughout this entire post. If it offends you or makes you uncomfortable with how much im about to curse. Turn around now. If not, follow me into the rabbit hole. 

The title is a little hashtag I’ve started myself. I doubt it’ll catch and become “a thing”  but truly I don’t care. This is just so my opinion is out there. Now what does it mean? You probably guessed it. It’s about Trump. You remember how after the electoral college voted and he won even though America literally voted against him?  And then all of his supporters came out the fucking wood work saying that we should just “give him a chance”  and “it’s over now and he’s your president so suck it up”? Yeah this is for every last one of you who told me that I should accept this fucking ass clown as my president and commander in chief simply because an outdated system put him in that role. Well no. I’m not gonna lie down and accept that shit. EVER 

Im not going to accept someone who will try to tell my girlfriend or my sisters or any of my female friends what they can and can’t do with their own damn bodies. I’m not going to accept someone who thinks literally every scientist on the planet is dumb and that climate change doesn’t exist. I’m not gonna accept someone who tries to tell me who the fuck I can and can’t love when quite frankly? It’s none of his goddamn business. I’m refuse to accept someone who tries to blame an ENTIRE nationality of people for the actions of a small group of people. When in all actuality??? They have NOTHING to do with each other.  No. That’s NOT what I voted for. 

And yeah. The person I voted for lost. You telling me to suck it accept and take that L, is about the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever been told. Like????  Most of you(I’m not gonna say all cause it wasn’t every last one of you, but most)  literally bitched  and whined all FOUR FUCKING YEARS that Obama was in office. You  literally didn’t give up the whole birth certificate thing until like the end of last year. You yelled at everything the man did until the day he fucking left. And you want me to give this orange baby handed cheeto a chance???  Ha!  I think the fuck not. 

Within the first week of him being president half of the people supporting him already can’t stand his lying ass. Sooooo what chance does he need again? I’ll wait……  

Exactly. See the funny thing is. We told you America. We warned you all that voting for him was a mistake. We told you. Yall didn’t listen because you were  just soo damn up in arms thinking he was telling the truth when he was really lying in your faces the whole damn time. Where are those tax returns of his huh? Cause I sure as hell still haven’t seen em. 

Now don’t take this post the wrong way and think that I’m coming after the Trump supporters. Or ex supporters I hope by now. No. This isn’t meant to be (too)  offensive to you guys. You’ve  seen your mistake and all of you who aren’t racist, sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and homophobic are ready to help us right this wrong and get his ass and Mike Pence away from the white house. I will literally welcome you with open arms with no hesitation if that’s you. America needs to come together right now or were all gonna lose. 

Amd to all of you who still support him. When he fucks you over time and time again and you’re finally ready and realize that he’s a fucking clown and needs to be given back to the circus where his ass belongs, I’ll welcome you as well. 

Nobody should have to feel half the way the nation feel snow that he’s in office. Afraid everyday, worrying about water or  other they’ll make it home safely. If their loved ones are gonna be okay. Whether the benefits they have are going to be stripped and their jobs lost simply because of who they love. No one should feel alone and out of place some because their ancestors where from another country. You are all home now. We are kin, and I will fucking fight for and support you any way I can. We’ll be alright. ALL of us. America was made for everybody. Not just white false  Christians. 

And if the government wants to remove this fucking post. Go for it. Cause I’ll write this shit down and plaster it across my fucking neighborhood! I won’t be silenced and I won’t allow my brothers and sisters regardless of race, nationality, citizen status, sexual orientation, gender variations, or monetary class be silenced either. We are all from America. And we will win,and TRUMP will lose. 


  • I respect the honesty of this post and love the fact you can write about politics so passionately.

    • Theo Person

      Thank you! At every other point in my life (even though I’m only 19 about to be 20) I’ve tried to avoid talking about politics. But I can’t do that with him in office.