Let’s Talk About Genders

Let’s Talk About Genders

Alright kiddies, class is in session! Lmao I’m just kidding. Since most of you probably use the internet, you know at least a little bit about the different genders and such. And if you don’t well I’ll educate you a little bit. Or at least I’ll try to.


So I’m sure that if you have looked at my Twitter page, and took at least a quick snap look at my description you’ll see “Non-Binary” right in front. Yep! SO take that gender norms! Lol< I’m only kidding, cis people are just as cool as people who don’t identify as cis. For those of you who don’t know “cis” in a simple description, is someone who identifies with the gender they were assigned at birth. So if you were born female, and identify as female, you’d be a cis female. Same goes for guys. For some of us who don’t identify as cis, it’s kinda hard to find exactly what gender we match up with. There are literally tons and tons of genders that have been discovered and there are still a lot out there that people are finding every day. So when we go to look for different genders it can be difficult to find one (or more for some people actually) that we feel we wholly match up with. I for one identify as Non-Binary because of that exact reason. Non-Binary is really just an umbrella term for people whose gender don’t match up with either male or female.


I suppose I’ve been questioning my gender for a long time, since I was 12 in fact. Back then though I didn’t really try to do anything about it. Mainly because I thought I was just weird. But once I got into high school I started researching gender. What it was, what defines a certain gender, how I could find out what gender I was. During my freshman and Junior years though, I left the topic alone, because my life was in a very chaotic state. In my senior year things calmed down a little for a while, and I began to search again. Searching for who and what I was. Eventually I came across “transgender”.


Transgender is another umbrella term for those who don’t fit into the binary gender spectrum. Technically I could call myself transgender instead of non-binary. Anyway, I spent a lot of time researching that word, because for some strange reason it resonated with me automatically the first time I read it. I wasn’t really sure why, but it drew me in. After sufficiently studying up on transgender, I began doing some soul searching within myself. Really looking deep into who I was a person. After a while I realized that if I was being quite honest with myself I had never felt wholly like a guy. I had always more so felt like a girl. I knew that, but living with a father who was deathly afraid of me being homosexual I had always brushed these feelings off. But now I figured was a good time to explore them. I started changing who I was in a lot of ways. Made a new name, started buying new clothes. I had even went as far as looking for places where I could start hormones. I was 100% sure that it was what I wanted.


But then after a while of being the new me (whose name was Skyy btw) I realized that it wasn’t really who I am. I felt that I was completely letting go of my masculinity even though it was still a big part of who I was. So I realized that maybe I was wrong about being transgender.  There had to be something else. I searched relentlessly, hoping someone or something could help me figure out who I am. It took months of constant research, and talking to a lot of people and constantly overthinking. Finally I came across Non-Binary. As I described earlier it’s simply an umbrella term for people who don’t’ fit into the binary gender spectrum. I realized that I was rushing into figuring out who I am. Like I’m not even 20 yet! I was in such a rush to find an identity that I hadn’t realized I still have a lot of growing and self-learning left to do. So I decided to just stick with non-binary and let the answer of my gender come to me when I was ready to find it.


Wow that seemed long. Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Please like it, and share it. And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to keep up with my latest posts every week. Love you guys

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  • Amora

    Omg I knew I was drawn to you for a reason ! Sweetie you are such a beautiful person ! I’m so glad I got to meet you . I hope some day we can become close friends 💜💜💜

    • Theo Person

      OMG Haiiiii!!!! thanks so much!