Growing Up As A Writer

Growing Up As A Writer

As a kid you created things in your head. Extraordinary things that only you could create. Maybe they were stories, maybe they were pictures and scenarios and complete adventures. Every week there was something new that you were forming, maybe even every day. You’d spend so much time in your head going over the details over and over, not trying to perfect them. Simply reliving the creation because it entertained you. Back then you didn’t realize how precious that gift was. To the child you, your imagination was simply another part of your everyday life.


Now let’s fast forward to the you as a teenager. You’re in high school, you hang with your friends on the weekends, hate most of your classes, trying your damndest to balance your social life and school life without losing every ounce of your mind. You’ve stopped really paying attention to your imagination like you used to. Your mind overloaded with schoolwork, maybe clubs, probably even a job. You don’t have time to create the intricate, yet beautifully simple stories of the adventures of your childhood. You only ever engage that creative side of you now when you have to do certain assignments for class. But when you have to do those assignments, the creativity is never short and the stories and artwork that you create is never dull or boring.

However there are times when your creativity starts to peak again, outside of the classroom. Maybe you keep a journal or a diary or maybe you blog in your free time. It probably isn’t anything major like writing a whole novel perhaps, but maybe a poem or a short story, maybe you even write about a dream you had that you remember vividly. The child in you sparks again and you can feel the giddy eager, bouncy feel of yourself as you put pen to paper (or more than likely finger to keyboard in our generation). You don’t know where it came from and quite honestly you don’t care. All you know is that you are ENJOYING the ride that came with it. And that in my opinion is the best part of it. Those random bursts of childlike yet now more mature, developed and detailed strokes of pure genius.


Let’s skip time once more (because now I’m technically an adult I suppose). You’ve graduated, probably in college, maybe holding off to save some money while working. You have a lot more free time and you’ve grown even more than those years in high school. You probably see the high school you as a kid. You’ve grown a lot since then, more so mentally than physically this time. You’re still learning pieces of yourself and who you are, what you like, and what you want to do with your life. However you still aren’t very sure of yourself in anyway, but you’re trying to set yourself on a path to a life that you’ll love. This is the time where the creative you can thoroughly flourish and do wonders. You’ve kept up with your writing and you’re doing it even more now than you were in earlier years.


Your writing has evolved and continues to evolve as you progress through life and learn and experience new things. You have started creative works that you love, maybe a book, a website, or a blog. You might have started over quite a few times now and will probably still start over a number of other times in the near future. But you are done giving up. Writing is what you love, and it’s at least part of what you want to do with your life, even if that doesn’t mean making a career out of it. The things you write about mean a lot to you and whenever you show them to someone and they complement you on the work, your smile is golden and you almost don’t believe that the moment is real. You use that joy and that wonder you feel from that exact moment and you keep writing. Write about whatever comes to your pretty little head. I know that it’s filled with amazing things.


That’s what I want all of you reading this to remember (even if only like three people are have read it since I’ve put it out). If you’re a writer or even if you’re an artist or a marketer or a manager of a business. It doesn’t matter, if you have found what you love and you want it for certain, never let it go. The world is literally full of endless possibilities. Why? Because no two people are exactly alike. You can create whatever you wish to as long as you pursue it with heart and don’t give up. I learned that the hard way. Don’t take as long as I have, because you will regret not having an earlier start.