All About Me Tag

All About Me Tag

I wasn’t tagged by anyone. I was just looking for ideas on blog posts, came across this tag and thought it would be fun. Figured why not let you all get to know me a little bit. Sooooo yeah, here we go. Delve into my mind.


Vital Stats:

Me: Theo

Nicknames: Kidd, and Kitten(Only by one person though)

Birthday: February 11

Place of Birth: Detroit, MI

Zodiac: Aquarius

Male or Female: Non-Binary (I’ll save that for a different post though)

Occupation: Student

Residence: Eastpointe, MI

Screen Name: KittwnPrince/ Crl.Prince



Hair Color: Black and Auburn

Hair Length: Medium- Long

Eye Color: Brown/Black

Best Feature: I’m told my eyes and hair.

Height: 5 ft 11”

Braces: Nope

Glasses: Nah

Piercing: Ears

Tattoos: One on my wrist

Righty or Lefty: Righty


Your ‘Firsts’

First Best Friend: Ken Braggs

First Award: Honor Roll in like 3rd grade

First Sport You Joined: Basketball

First Real Vacation: Cruise to Casa Mel when I was 17


First Love: Alyson



Movie: The Lion King


Colors: Black, Light Blue, Royal Purple and Red

Song: That’s impossible! But at this moment it’s Feels by Kiiara

Candy: Nerds

Restaurant: Red Lobster

Store: Rue21

School: Not a fan

Book: The Chronicles Of Nick

Magazine: Don’t read em tbh

Shoes: Adidas



Feeling: Worried

Single or Taken: TAKEN! <3

Eating: Oatmeal

Typing: Obviously this post

Online: Listening to music on Spotify

Listening to: The Weeknd

Thinking about: Future plans

Wanting:  Financial stability and cuddles

Watching: My cat trying to steal my pen

Wearing: a hoodie and sweats



Want Children: Kinda?

Want to be married: Yep

Careers in mind: Writer, therapist, and Model

Where do you want to live: Either Denmark, Switzerland, or Canada


Have You Ever?:

Kissed a stranger: Yeah

Had Alcohol: Yeah

Smoked: Yeah

Ran Away From Home: Yep

Broken a bone: Nope

Got an x-ray: Yeah

Broken someone’s heart: Yeah :/

Broke up with someone: Yeah

Cried when someone died: Yeah

Cried at school: Yep


Do You Believe In:

God: Not the Christian God

Miracles: Yes

Love at first sight: Yeah

Ghosts: Yup

Aliens: Yeah

Soul Mates: Of Course

Heaven: Not sure

Hell: Not sure

Kissing on the first date: Sure why not

Yourself: Rarely



I’ll tag:

Lauren Chanel Allen


Amie Hayward