What’s Worse Than A Nightmare

What’s Worse Than A Nightmare

I’ll tell you what’s worse. A nightmare that you’re not even sure you’ve woken up from. A nightmare that is reality, and nightmare that will leave you wondering whether or not you’re insane and praying to a God even though you might not believe in one, that the things you just saw aren’t real. And most of all that they don’t come back again…. But it never quite works out like that does it? No, it may not happen often, maybe once every few months if you’re one of the lucky ones. But they always come back, and there’s always that same panic, and fear, that no matter how hard you try you just CANNOT escape from. Some of you don’t know what I’m talking about, if that’s you. Consider yourself lucky. Granted regular nightmares still suck. But anyone who has experienced this can tell you it is much much worse than a normal nightmare. For those of you on the other hand who have experienced it, you knew wat I was talking about after the first few sentences didn’t you? You may not know that it has a name but you knew exactly what I was describing, because it’s something you can never forget. What I’m talking about is called Sleep Paralysis.


Its medical definition is: a complete temporary paralysis occurring in connection with sleep and especially upon waking (Merriam Dictionary). Doesn’t sound like much of a nightmare does it? Well you’re right, from that definition it doesn’t. So here is Wikipedia’s’ definition and it is actually more accurate: Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which a person either during falling asleep or awakening, temporarily experiences an inability to move, speak, or react. It is a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep, characterized by muscle atonia. It is often accompanied by terrifying and unusually powerful hallucinations to which one is unable to react due to paralysis, and physical experiences. Sounds a lot more terrifying doesn’t it? Guess what though, even those words aren’t quite enough to be honest. No set of words can accurately describe how scary this shit is. So let me just try to describe the last Sleep Paralysis nightmare I had.


So I had fell asleep with my laptop open, because I was listening to music and playing on my phone. One moment I was awoke and when I blinked again my phone was next to me and my head was turned to the side. Immediately I knew something was wrong. First of all because everything had a dark green tint to it. It was barely noticeable but I saw it. Next was because I realized I couldn’t move. Now whenever I have these dreams, I can never tell that they’re dreams (which is part of what makes them so damn horrifying). So now I’m trying to force my body to move in any way, any way at all. Once I realize that I can’t I can feel the panic like a giant fist around my throat clenching tighter with every second, threatening to completely snap my neck. But then I see something and all of the fight drains out of me. I’m pretty sure I turned pale or red or something. I looked down and right under the cover with me with its head sticking out was what I can only name as a sort of alien/goblin thing. Its body was completely green, eyes darker than the corners in my room, its head was kind a deformed with a bunch of dents and bumps all over it. It was wearing what I think was a vest but I was too lost in its gaze to pay much attention to that. That’s when I felt the same weight on my chest, making it harder to breath by the second. It got heavier and heavier like someone was pilling boulders and gold on my chest. But there was nothing there.


And it only got worse from there, because then the damn things hand started crawling up my chest towards my neck. That’s when the fear breaks out of its container and spreads throughout my entire body like a wildfire. I start to panic because I know what it’s going to do if I don’t get away from him, he’s going to kill me. His nails are going to dig into my throat and rip it out. I have to get away. I’M GOING TO FUCKING DIE! That was all I could think as I tried to move. But it’s impossible to break the paralysis. So I was just stuck there as his hand moved further up, closer and closer to my throat. By this time I feel like I’m crying, although I’m not sure if I actually am or not. I’m practically screaming in my head over and over again at myself to move anywhere that isn’t at that spot. But of course I still couldn’t get anywhere. Finally his hand reached the base of my neck, hovering over it, never actually touch me but drawing ever closer. And just when I thought it was going to be over, I blinked and woke up. In the exact same position I was in in the nightmare, in the exact same spot, both my phone and laptop in the same way.

It was still incredibly difficult to breath, and by this point I figured out what happened. I tried telling myself that it was just a hallucination, that it wasn’t real. That it was only a dream. But I was still terrified to close my eyes again, for longer than a blink. Sleep forced itself upon me eventually anyway though. Luckily it was a normal blank nothingness.


This is only one of the times I’ve experienced this, there were countless other, my childhood included in those times. There are other forms that these things, demons, aliens, whatever in the hell you want to call them. I’ll have pictures of what people say they look like below. If you wanna check those out. But if not I understand. Anyway I hope this post didn’t freak you guys out too much. Don’t forget to subscribe to get my weekly post update. Later Royals <3